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Vidence provides geoanalytical / materials characterization and consultancy services using our cutting edge instrumentation. We specialize in automated mineralogy analysis, scanning electron microscopy, and petrophysical interpretation for the oil and gas, carbon storage, and extractive mineral industries, as well as the broader geoscience and materials science communities. 

Please feel free to browse our services and applications or Contact Us directly for more information.


We are proud to partner with Bruker and Hitachi High Tech and assist in the development of the AMICS automated mineralogy platform.

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Our Services

Dolomitic Subarkose - Barite Cement.PNG

Automated Mineralogy

Automated mineralogy is used to image and quantify virtually any inorganic sample to the micron or even submicron level. Not only are the results accurate, reproducible, and consistent but the images also provide textural detail and context.

SEM image of fibrous illite

Scanning Electron Microscopy

Whether you are investigating permeability-reducing clays or the composition and likely sources of air-borne particulates, we can help with our high resolution electron microscopes.


Petrophysical Interpretation

We offer a range of petrophysics services from routine log interpretation through to fully integrated and optimized studies that use the advantages of high definition automated mineralogical analysis.

Application Areas

Calcareous arkose drill cuttings

Oil, Gas, and CCUS

Our team has over 20 years experience in automated mineralogy provision for the oil, gas, and CCUS industry. Find out how we can support your projects with our range of analytical and consultancy services.


Mining and Minerals

Our extensive services cover all aspects of mining exploration, development, metallurgy, and even forensic testing of shipped products. 

Garnet porphyroblasts in a sillimanite schist

Geoscience and Research

Vidence actively supports a host of commercial and academic geoscience programs covering a diverse range of disciplines. Studies range from locating trace minerals for age dating to characterizing bronze age ceramics.

Bead of partially melted desert sand

Materials Characterisation

From concretes to recycled battery products, we can help you understand the composition, size, and nature of your material.

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This large chamber SEM is optimized for fast, consistent, and accurate automated mineralogy analysis of large runs of samples



Our FEG-SEM is capable of very high resolution imaging but is also equipped with twin EDS detectors for automated mineralogy analysis 


Ar Ion Mill: IM4000II

Argon ion milling produces the flat, defect-free surface that is required for high resolution BSE imaging of fine textures.



Due to the high sample throughput required for automated mineralogy, we have a fleet of dedicated polishing machines. 

About Us

Founded in 2019, Vidence was set up with a vision to transform automated mineralogy from a niche service to a routine analysis servicing 100's of samples each week. With over 40 years' combined experience with automated mineralogy, our technical team has worked on projects from every region round the globe including North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Australasia, and even Antarctica. 

Our laboratory is located in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada so benefits from the fast and easy international shipping and receiving for our global customer base. Our team is located across Canada.

The name Vidence is derived from the Latin verb videre or "to see" and represents a combination our evidence based workflows with the ability to see the texture in which minerals occur. The result is simply the best mineralogical analysis available.


Matt Power

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With a Ph.D. in geology and over 25 years' industry experience in applied mineralogy, Matt is Vidence's Chief Scientist and Operations Manager

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Marc Enter

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Marc is a Professional Geoscientist he holds a Masters of Earth and Energy Resources Leadership from Queens University. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of Automated Mineralogy and is the CEO of  Vidence.

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Firoze Mondegarian

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Firoze is a Petrophysicist with over 25 years of global experience. He is proficient in maximising the geological, geomechanical and engineering insights that core and cuttings data can bring to our clients.


Amelia Min

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Amelia's M.Sc. and over 15 years of experience dedicated to sample management and preparation means your samples are in safe hands.

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Enquiries will be answered by our business development representatives within 24 hours.

832.377.5999 or 403.333.6086

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