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Scanning Electron Microscopy


We offer extensive microscopy, imaging, and microanalytical services using our state of the art instrumentation.

Used in a variety of investigative roles, the scanning electron microscope provides high quality images and data whether measuring mm-scale features of interest or identifying the morphology of clays in formation damage studies.  

Our team has extensive experience imaging a wide variety of materials ranging from pore-lining clays in oil and gas reservoirs, through recycled battery materials, and even to contaminants in artificial human heart valves.

Co Mn Oxides 2_edited.jpg

Our scanning electron microscopes are fitted with a range of detector types including energy dispersive spectrometers (EDS) that allow detailed spot chemical analyses to be acquired.

Often samples can be simply mounted on a stub for imaging but we have a full range of sample preparation facilities should samples need to be embedded, cross-sectioned, and / or polished.

Top: Euhedral quartz crystals growing on honeycomb-like, pore-lining smectitic clays.

Bottom: Cross section through Li-Ni-Mn-Co electrolytes from a recycled battery feedstock.

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